About SCAD Alliance

SCAD Alliance is on a mission to stop Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection, and to empower survivors and their health care partners with answers. Our team needs your help to fund vital SCAD research. By shopping today, your tax-deductible payment helps fund SCAD Alliance and our independent, multi-center research.

Why SCAD Matters?

SCAD causes more than a third of heart attacks in women under 50, and is the #1 cause of heart attack in pregnant women. It also causes sudden cardiac arrest. SCAD is often misdiagnosed and can occur with no clear warning signs. A tear in the inner lining of an artery blocks blood flow in the heart. The cause of SCAD is currently unknown. Most doctors are unsure how to treat it. 

That's why we need your help. The proceeds of your purchase will support independent research conducted by the iSCAD Registry. With sites across the U.S., ultimately iSCAD Registry aims to accelerate scientific discovery by collaborating with researchers around the world. For more information about iSCAD, click here

Thank you for supporting SCAD Alliance as we work to empower each SCAD survivor with an accurate diagnosis, superior outcome, and answers. Join us and Shop to Stop SCAD.